The AfroCreatives Wikiproject is an initiative to mobilize creatives and professionals from the African cultural and creative industries, as well as African cultural enthusiasts, to contribute and enhance knowledge on Wikipedia about Africa’s creative economy.

The inaugural effort of the AfroCreatives WikiProject, AfroCreatives WikiProject +film campaign launched in July 2022, targets the film sectors of Egypt, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Senegal.


By mobilizing African film creatives, professionals and film enthusiasts, the AfroCreatives WikiProject +film campaign aims to measurably enhance information on Wikipedia about the art and industry of African film, including:

  • Biographies of notable African creatives and professionals that span the industry, from financing to pre-and post-production.

  • African studios, streaming platforms, awards, festivals, guilds, film schools and other institutions that are part of the industry ecosystem

  • Movies and television programs that have shaped Africa’s cinematic history and that are defining the current industry

  • Developments in African animation, AR, and VR and other technologies.

  • Film financing, movie production incentives, government policies, and training and workforce development programs that are advancing the state of the African film industry.

The AfroCreatives WikiProject is supported with funding from the Wikimedia Foundation.

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