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I AM AFRICA Short Film Competition on Youtube  The iamAFRICA Short Film Competition is a collaborative initiative between the The Africa Narrative, the Pan African Film Festival (PAFF) and YouTube.

The initiative was launched to propel African content creators and their work into the mainstream consciousness of American and international audiences who are all too often exposed to media narratives of Africa that are widely distorted and shaped by non-Africans.

According to our 2019 study conducted by the Norman Lear Center’s Media Impact Project mentions of Africa and Africans appear infrequently in US news and entertainment, and when they do, are often negative and stereotyped.

At the same time, YouTube’s global platform has empowered content creators on the continent to revolutionize and expand the possibilities of video storytelling while reflecting a truer and more balanced perspective of the region.

The iamAFRICA short film competition is part of  The Africa Narrative’s mission to broaden awareness and engagement with the continent, including through media and entertainment collaborations that bring African storytelling to a global audience.

Click here for the release and here to see full details on the competition and how to submit your film at PAFF.org

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